Siloam Springs Announces Social Marketing Tool to Launch on City Website

The City of Siloam Springs will formally launch its Twitter account on the city website Wednesday. This new feature will provide additional opportunities for residents and other website visitors to communicate with the City. It will also serve as a way for the City to communicate with community followers when the offices are not open or in the event of an emergency.

“Last year, because of all the rain, there were Parks and Recreation events scheduled outdoors that we thought may be rained out,” stated Libby Wand, Recreation Coordinator. “This new communication tool will be a great way to communicate with the public after office hours or during the weekend.”

Sandy Luetjen, City Marketing, sees many reasons for the addition: strengthening the City’s brand, disseminating information about new services, engaging the public to weigh in on various city-related topics, as well as promoting special events. And most important of all is utilizing this communication tool when other systems fail. “We certainly saw this happen during the 2009 storm,” stated Luetjen. “When the Internet was down, residents with a cell phone would have been able to receive new information as quickly as it became available to us,” she said.

The City welcomes anyone interested in City business to follow us on Twitter. The service is free and easy to use, either by computer or cell phone. Please visit or the City’s website at to sign up and join the conversation.

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