International Hip-Hop Dance Sensations come to Northwest Arkansas


Walton Arts Center is proud to welcome Compagnie Käfig on Thursday, January 23 at 8pm as part of the 10×10 Arts Series. Tickets range from $10-$25 and can be purchased by calling the box office at 479.443.5600 or by visiting

For the fourth year, Walton Arts Center presents the 10×10 Arts Series, featuring 10 of the best theater, cirque, dance, world and classical music performances for just $10. This innovative and affordable series gives patrons a chance to expand their cultural horizons and experience a new art form. As a special bonus, 10×10 performances also feature pre-show Creative Conversations and a post-show party.

Master Class on Wednesday, January 22, 6pm-7pm in Starr Theater:  Compagnie Käfig is also offering an opportunity to learn hip-hop, athletic samba and capoeira style dance. Registration is $15 for ages 12 to adults with some movement (martial arts, acrobatics or dance) experience.  For more information, click HERE.

Compagnie Käfig is an all-male ensemble of 11 Brazilian dancers who perform a mix of athletic samba, hip-hop and capoeira dance styles, highlighting astonishing acrobatic skills. The company has French, North African and Spanish roots and transforms the spontaneous street moves of American hip-hop into a more formal choreographic technique. The result is a powerful, human experience of expression through movement and sound. Their profound backgrounds in the favelas (Brazilian shanty towns) inspired Merzouki to create two works that showcase the young Brazilians’ incredible dance technique. These works, entitled Correria and Agwa, highlight a euphoric fusion that is equal parts street spectacle and formal dance concert.

Born in Lyon, France, choreographer Mourad Merzouki is the artistic director of Compagnie Käfig, which he founded in 1996. Merzouki started learning martial and circus arts when he was seven years old. As a teenager, his discovery of hip-hop culture led him toward the dance world. He soon decided to develop his hip-hop movements with more professional goals. Now, Merzouki blends his experience in circus and martial arts with hip-hop dance and music to create works that have earned him choreographic awards from the International Dance Festival in Wolfsburg, Germany, La Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques and Lyon’s Lumières de la Culture.

10×10 Arts Series support is provided by Hershey & Denis Garner with media support from KUAF and NWA Business Journal. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 479.443.5600 or by visiting For more information about Compagnie Käfig,

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