The Eureka Springs Ozark Folk Festival: Every year since 1947

Photo courtesy Eureka Springs A&P

Get ready for the 68th Annual Original Ozark Folk Festival in Eureka Springs on Oct. 6-10! This lively celebration — including barefoot dancing and musicians playing homemade instruments — is the longest continuously running annual folk festival in the country.

This year, all the traditional festival favorites are back, including the Queen’s Contest where one lovely lady will be chosen to preside as Folk Festival queen; the Singer/Songwriter Contest, and free music at Basic Spring Park.

At the center of the festival is the Barefoot Ball held at the historic 1905 Basin Park Hotel and featuring the best in Bluegrass from the Cutty Rye band. Check your shoes at the door and dance the night away under the stars at the top of the hotel!

Don’t forget the incredible arts and crafts from those who create, whittle, paint and sew; the Folk Festival Parade, and of course, more and more amazing folk music and dance.

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